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A School of the Sacred Heart

Life as a Boarder

The motto of Stuartholme Boarding is Be Kind, Be Inclusive, Be Independent, Be Involved and Be Your Academic Best.

There are many benefits to boarding at Stuartholme. In addition to learning the independence and resilience that goes hand-in-hand with being away from home, the boarding community fosters a sense of family, belonging and inclusiveness with girls developing and building lifelong friendships. We know that when they exit the Stuartholme boarding community, each of these young women has the ability to make a profound difference to the communities they come from, to their families and to the wider world. Located at the base of Mt Coot-tha, only 6kms from Brisbane鈥檚 CBD, Stuartholme is close to everything yet provides the girls with a beautiful, peaceful and safe environment where they can live, learn and flourish.

Every day life as a Boarder

Leadership for Boarders

Boarding has developed formal structures to promote student leadership. The Big Sister/Little Sister Program allows Boarders in Year 11 to care for an individual Year 7 girl as she starts her new life in the boarding community. Other new Boarders are mentored by buddies from their year level. Each floor has its own House: Amiens and Grenoble. Elected by their Boarding peers and staff, each House has a Captain and Vice-Captain, who work with the Deputy Principal Boarding to give ‘voice’ to boarders’ issues and perspectives. The Captains run weekly House meetings and special events including ‘Boarders’ Got Talent’ and the ‘Anzac Cup’ weekend. There are also elected Year 12 Student Mentors for Years 7 to 10. The mentors run activities for the younger girls, and act as role models and peer helpers. Year Level Representatives from Years 7 to 11 work also with the Boarding Leadership Team to plan year level activities, raise student issues and concerns and propose creative and positive solutions.

Our Catholic Life

As a faith-based school, prayer is part of the daily life of the school. Mass is held in our school Chapel at 5pm on Sunday for boarders and parents and families are most welcome to attend. All boarders should return from leave on Sunday with sufficient time to prepare for this community liturgy. Whatever their religious views or affiliation, students are expected to demonstrate a respectful towards worship, On occasion we may travel to Marist College Ashgrove or St Ignatius Parish at Toowong to attend Mass.

Accommodation and dining


The Boarding House is centrally positioned over three floors in our Renard Building, originally built in 1920. The House has a capacity for 130 Boarding students and provides an individual space with bed, wardrobe and study nook with high speed wireless broadband for each girl. Boarders are encouraged to make it their own, by decorating their living space with items that mean something to them. The Boarding House has completed its $6 million redevelopment, you can read more about it here.

The common room, known affectionately as 鈥楾he Nest鈥, includes a kitchenette, couches, games and a large screen television where boarders can relax with their friends. The Senior girls have their own Common Room which includes a kitchen, large dining table and comfortable lounges where they can watch television or chat with their friends. The girls also have access to the School facilities including the library, art department, school kitchen, tennis courts, music practice rooms and the pool.


Boarders are provided a varied and well balanced range of food, as assessed by a Dietitian with special dietary needs fully catered for. On school days, morning tea and lunch are provided as takeaway, so the Boarders can continue to engage with their day school friends. Breakfast and evening meals take place in the dining room and range from casual dinners to a weekly formal dinner.

Health & Wellbeing

Our Boarding House has a Wellbeing Program to address the specific needs of boarders. Based on best practice psychology, the program is age specific and sits alongside the day school Wise Wellness Program. The strengths-based approach of the program focuses on increasing girls’ self-esteem, confidence and resilience. Boarding staff work closely with the Health Centre and School counselling teams along with the Leadership Team and Leaders of Student Wellbeing to ensure that each girl has a network of support if and when she needs it. Every boarder is inspired to achieve her personal best, and academic and/or vocational excellence. To do this, she is supported by a contemporary academic care program which includes the provision of academic tutors specifically for boarders. Each Stuartholme student is an individual with her own needs and story. Our dedicated Boarding staff strive to make each girl feel safe, comfortable and happy. An integral part of the School ethos is to ensure each student adopts a healthy balance in her daily life. All girls are encouraged to develop early independence in their study habits, to enjoy and contribute to their community and to participate in the many programs on offer. This is supported by the pastoral care structure of The House. Professional and caring guidance from the School Counsellors and Careers Advisor is also available to Boarders.

Health Centre

The well-appointed Sharon Beirne Health and Wellness Centre is staffed by a Nurse Manager and her team of registered nurses who support and work in close co-operation with the Boarding House staff. The Health Centre offers onsite GP, Physiotherapy and Podiatry services.

Boarding Staff

Stuartholme鈥檚 boarding staff are highly skilled and dedicated to their boarding roles. They undertake high quality personal and professional development and have regular and collaborative team meetings. Staff are active members of the (ABSA) and have presented at the State Symposium as well as hosting collegial gatherings with Marist College Ashgrove, St Josephs Nudgee College and some of Brisbane’s girls’ boarding schools. The Stuartholme Boarding staff role model inclusion and kindness to ensure that each girl is treated with respect, dignity and love. Leaders of Boarding, Supervisors and the Recreation Officer work with the Dean of Boarding to ensure that the needs of every boarder and her family are met and communicated effectively.


The Boarding House has age specific programs for study, which aim to set up the students to be well equipped and passionate lifelong learners. The students learn skills focused on attitude and planning. Study sessions take place in a supported environment with very close supervision for all year levels. An academic tutoring program and additional support is available for boarding students Monday – Thursday 4.00 – 6.00pm.

Parent Communication

Stuartholme鈥檚 Boarding House recognises the vital role of clear communication and strong relationships with our parent community. In addition to the Schools online portal, the Boarding House uses social media, newsletters and a Boarding Parent Support Group as a way to stay connected. The school uses the latest technology in reporting which allows parents to view feedback and their daughters results as their work gets marked instead of at the end of semester in a report card.


All Boarders are able to enjoy and take advantage of the many academic, sporting, social and cultural opportunities offered by the School. On weekends, Boarders can visit family and friends or remain in the House and participate in a structured program of events. Boarders enjoy a range of age appropriate recreation activities planned and led by our Recreation Officer. We also offer many activities in conjunction with our brother schools, Marist College Ashgrove and St Josephs Nudgee College. Some examples of activities include:

  • Pet therapy – staff bring their pets to school for the afternoon
  • Trips to the cinema for the latest movie
  • Op shopping around Brisbane
  • Ice skating and lawn bowls
  • Shopping excursions to Southbank Young Designer Markets
  • Chinese-themed dinners and outings to Sunnybank
  • Visits to the beach and theme parks
  • Jewellery making and cooking
  • DIY activities like terrariums, slime and stress balls
  • Trivia nights, film nights and games with Marist College Ashgrove and St Josephs Nudgee College boarders


Security of the girls is a high priority. External and internal entrances to the Boarding House are locked and alarmed and the school is monitored via security cameras. Overnight Supervisors are on active supervision in the House seven nights a week to ensure girls are content and to offer support if they become unwell during the night.

Boarder Leave

Boarder leave enables girls to return home on weekends, stay with friends or relatives or go out mid-week for family or other functions. All leave must be entered and approved via the Stuartholme REACH online leave system.

Part time work

Boarders in Years 10, 11 and 12 are permitted to undertake part-time work. Boarders are required to have written permission from parents/guardians to seek and undertake employment. Details of the workplace including the name and number of a contact person must be provided to the Dean of Boarding. Return after sunset must be via taxi. In consultation with parents, the privilege to work will only continue if it does not interfere with a Boarder鈥檚 studies and other School commitments. We advise boarders that they should not be working at a part-time job more than 12 hours a week.

Laundry & Cleaning

A laundry service is provided for Boarders onsite in the School鈥檚 fully operational, industrial laundry facility. As part of this service, all school dresses are ironed by our expert laundry staff. Washing machines and dryers are available to Year 12 students for their personal use. The Boarding House is cleaned daily by a dedicated team of housekeepers and cleaners. Maintenance is also attended to daily and during School holiday periods by the Maintenance Manager.

"The best part about being a Boarder is I get to be around my friends. They鈥檙e always there for me and like a second family". Mena, Year 12

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