Palm Apartments

The University of Tampa provides many options for those living on campus. While every effort is made to accommodate all new and returning students who request housing, beginning in Fall 2016, new UT students will receive priority for on-campus residential assignments. Austin, McNeel Boathouse, McKay, Morsani, Smiley and Vaughn Center are designated as first-year residence halls. Depending on the first-year student class size, Brevard may also be used for some first-year students. Brevard, Jenkins, Palm Apartments, Straz and Urso will be designated as upper-class residence halls. Upper-class students will also be able to select the Barrymore Hotel through room selection.

Each building offers different floor plans. Most new students are expected to share rooms with at least one other student. New students may also be assigned to triple or quad rooms. Most singles are reserved for upper-class continuing students. Learning communities provide opportunities for students to live together based on similar interests.

In order to ensure a healthy working, living and learning community, The University of Tampa campus is smoke and tobacco-free. Read the .


All student rooms are air-conditioned. Cable television is included in room rates. Each room is furnished with a bed (36-by-80 inches), desk, chair, closet/wardrobe and dresser. Students living on campus have free internet access through Wi-Fi and ethernet connections in their rooms. There are lounges, vending machines, laundry facilities, game rooms and study areas in all buildings.

Residence Life Staff

Area Coordinators are professional staff members in the Office of Residence Life who live in the residence halls and oversee the daily operations of the community. As live-in staff members, Area Coordinators are responsible for the development of communities that foster academic success. This is achieved by assisting individuals with their personal needs and concerns, planning and implementing programs and events according to our Spartan Ready curriculum, and supervising student staff.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are live-in leaders, role models and community builders. RAs create programs that enhance community, meet residents' personal and academic needs, build positive relationships with residents, and create a safe environment where residents have opportunities to grow academically and socially.

Desk Assistants (DAs) are student employees who serve as a resource in the area offices between the hours of 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. daily.


Students with accommodation needs must submit documentation to Student Accessibility Services from a physician before the deadline or May 1 for fall and Oct. 1 for spring. Please review Student Accessibility Services information.

Residence Halls

The Vaughn Center, a nine-story multi-purpose facility, houses 550 students on the third through eighth floors in rooms of double or triple occupancy. The first floor of the Vaughn Center is home to the Campus Bookstore and various dining options.

Austin Hall is home to more than 540 students who live primarily in triple rooms with suite-style bathrooms. Students enjoy Delo Park right outside their front door, which features outdoor seating that is perfect for studying.

Smiley is UT’s smallest traditional residence hall and is built around a sunny courtyard and houses 130 students. It is home to the LiveWell and First Year Wellness Living-Learning Communities.

Brevard Hall is centrally located on campus and houses 470 students in suite-style rooms with shared bathrooms and common areas.

McKay Hall houses approximately 160 students mostly in double rooms with shared, suite-style bathrooms and is home to the Honors Living-Learning Community. 

Straz Hall, is an apartment-style, eight-story building, that houses more than 480 students. Straz Hall is located by the university baseball field and track.

Urso Hall is an 11-story building that houses 182 residents in single and double-studio apartments. Urso has an urban courtyard area and the Garden Room where students can study.

Morsani Hall houses 460 students in double and triple rooms in double and triple suite style rooms with a shared common area and bathroom. The first floor of Morsani Hall features a variety of dining options.

Barrymore Hotel is UT's off-site residence hall that is located 10 minutes from main campus. Students enjoy living in the downtown area with amenities including a pool, a fitness room, a free shuttle and access to many of the downtown shops and restaurants.

Jenkins Hall is a suite-style building consisting primarily of four single bedrooms that share two bathrooms and a common living area. Students living in Jenkins Hall enjoy suite-style spaces consisting primarily of four single bedrooms that share two bathrooms and a common living area. Jenkins is home to more than 520 students.

Palm Apartments is home to approximately 660 students. The apartments feature four single bedrooms with a common living area, bathroom and kitchen.

The Grand Center, nestled in the 10-story multipurpose building, is on track to open in August 2024. More than 600 first-year students will move into the five upper floors this fall, and all students, faculty and staff will enjoy the building's offices, classrooms and parking garage.

Austin Hall walkway

Austin Hall is home to more than 470 students who live in double and triple rooms.

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McKay Hall

McKay Hall houses approximately 160 students in double and triple rooms with shared, suite-style bathrooms.

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Smiley Hall

UT’s smallest “traditional” residence hall is built around a sunny courtyard and
houses 130 men and women.

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students sitting dorm room

The layout for the dorms can be customized and includes many furniture items such as the bed, desk, chair and dresser.

brevard hall

Brevard Hall has suite-style rooms with shared bathroom and common areas.

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Jenkins Hall

Jenkins Hall includes upscale accommodations for more than 520 UT students.

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Jenkins Lobby

Jenkins hall includes a world cultural themed lobby with a second floor loungue for studying.

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Palm Apartments

The Palm Apartments are suite-style with a common living room, kitchen, bathroom and four single rooms.

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Palm courtyard

This coutyard allows students to hangout, study, and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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Morsani Hall

Morsani Hall has a small living room and two double rooms that share a bathroom.

Vaughn Center

The Vaughn Center has double and triple occupancy rooms and serves as the student hub for the campus.

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Urso Hall

Urso Hall houses 182 upperclass and graduate students in single and double apartments.

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Straz Hall

In Straz Hall, each apartment has a full kitchen, shared bathroom and living area where students can gather.

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Barrymore Hotel

The Barrymore Hotel is UT’s off-campus residence hall.

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